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Sue ReinInteriors follows fashion…. That’s how it goes here in the design pecking order. Whether it’s a new season roll out for a fabric line or Benjamin Moore’s hottest gotta have paint color, the fabulous hits the runway first. For example, Versace created its own home collection while Christian Louboutin designed a table collection. They are bringing the catwalk right up to our sidewalk all in an attempt to sell a whole lifestyle.

So if we all live for the next pretty frock we score, why are people so intimidated by designing their home’s interiors? Here’s how I help clients to feel more “at home” when embarking on a design project. I simply size up what they are wearing and make a very simple analogy. I get them to think of their space as a little black dress that once paired with those spectacular strappy pink sandals and ooh yes please that floral silk scarf and great silver cuff…. Watch out…the ordinary just became fashion.

That’s what happened when I teamed up with fashion blogger Nichole Ciotti to help pull together her bedroom in a collaboration with Pottery Barn Teen. Her blog highlights all the latest fashion and lifestyle trends and now a glimpse into Nichole’s home to show her followers how the runway meets her hallway.

It didn’t take Nichole long to put the fashion to home concept into practice. Next up…. Dandelion and Vanilla Extract will work on accessorizing Nichole’s new bookcase in The Art of Placement.

Let me help tell your home’s fashion statement.

“Fashion anticipates, and elegance is a state of mind…
A mirror of the time in which we live, a translation of the future, and should never be static.”

– Oleg Cassini, French-born American fashion designer

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Can you imagine this entryway without splintered light coming through the door? Design is defined by light and by the shading it creates in a room, in art or even in your garden.

So here’s the thing about light…. unlike a lot of other design elements in a room, it has a split personality. It can perform tasks for us like helping us read a great book or finding the coin we dropped between the sofa cushions. Then in an instant…. it transforms itself into jewelry. Sitting on a table just looking gorgeous much the way a stunning pair of earrings simply dangle from your ears looking amazing and making everyone forget that you ate ice cream for a week on vacation and put on three little pounds and your dress is oooh a bit snug.

Whether you are designing a new home or simply breathing some life into an existing room, start with lighting! It is often overlooked during new construction and is essential to the overall performance of a room and a great way to add personality to a space you are looking to update. If you are building or renovating, do your new space a favor…. Light it up! Let me help you tell a story with light.

A shadow owes its birth to the light… John Gay

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