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Let’s Get the Jewels Out!

Can you imagine this entryway without splintered light coming through the door? Design is defined by light and by the shading it creates in a room, in art or even in your garden.

So here’s the thing about light…. unlike a lot of other design elements in a room, it has a split personality. It can perform tasks for us like helping us read a great book or finding the coin we dropped between the sofa cushions. Then in an instant…. it transforms itself into jewelry. Sitting on a table just looking gorgeous much the way a stunning pair of earrings simply dangle from your ears looking amazing and making everyone forget that you ate ice cream for a week on vacation and put on three little pounds and your dress is oooh a bit snug.

Whether you are designing a new home or simply breathing some life into an existing room, start with lighting! It is often overlooked during new construction and is essential to the overall performance of a room and a great way to add personality to a space you are looking to update. If you are building or renovating, do your new space a favor…. Light it up! Let me help you tell a story with light.

A shadow owes its birth to the light… John Gay

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