My Story


I am a storyteller. That’s really what design is – it’s telling a story layer by layer creating soul soothing spaces and unforgettable experiences. First I learn how you live in your home in the everyday. I call it the “how do things look here on an average Tuesday” question. Each space begins with an inspiration, but often with beautiful pieces you already have. I hunt the discarded and shop in my client’s homes, seeking out the forgotten and reimagining their new use then we fill in with new items to freshen and complete the look. If it’s a celebration you are planning, let me bring style to create a welcoming environment that will leave a lasting impression.

My Story. I have been designing most of my life and professionally for nearly a decade. I have an intrinsic ability to see design from the client’s perspective. I am motivated to live a creative life through nature and art and I would like to bring my passion for the intersection of function and gorgeous design to your home.

Anything else? I am a restless traveler, obsessed with uncovering connections. When I’m not granting wishes, you’ll likely find me either in the great outdoors or at home entertaining for my family and friends….making certain life is brimming with creative moments. Oh and one more thing, I start my everyday committed to a healthy lifestyle and always ….the presence of gratitude.

Tell me your wish and together let’s tell your story.

~ Sue Rein